In an industry laden with people who have a wealth of talent, creativity and the ability to set worldwide trends, it is no surprise that anyone who desires to be recognised within the world of fashion must be all of the above, and who is Tanya Kolser?


An up and coming Russian designer who, through her fashion, aspires to blend both chic and comfort, combining beauty and practicality, fusing contemporary cool with the sophistication of classic trends past topping off her unique designs with a collection of eclectic accessories which range from handbags to belts even jewelry.


Tanya Kolser, originally from Siberia but spending years in Moscow and travelling to Milan -Europe's fashion Mecca says her journeys and cultural diversity have helped make her brand Kolser synonymous with variety. In a promotional interview for her website, Tanya Kolser gives us some insight on the fashion world, what it means to her and how she hopes to change it.

1. What does fashion mean to you?


Tanya Kolser: Fashion is a way to attract attention and a way of expressing yourself. Fashion helps a person feel special and unique. It can help hide flaws and highlight the advantages of a person's figure no matter the type. Fashion is an important part of a person's success, if not the most important. How a person feels in the generated image determines their character, thoughts and feelings, and from this, the attitude of others. 


2. What interests you about fashion? 


Tanya Kolser: In times past, whatever was fashionable could possibly last more than one season, but now fashion is so fluid. It makes no sense to chase the fashion trends that within a few months will no longer be in vogue. On the other hand, such variability is good. If you follow trends, you can find your own style of the variety offered in fashion trends. 


3. What is one special thing that makes KOLSER different from other brands? 


Tanya Kolser: A distinctive feature of the label 'KOLSER' is the convenience of having beautiful clothes developed through manual processing. 


4. What don't you like about fashion? 


Tanya Kolser: In fashion I do not like the fact that people follow trends even when it doesn't suit their figure. For example, when long pleated skirts were in vogue everyone started to wear them in an effort to follow the trend, paying no attention to whether or not it is a suitable style for their figure. People should stick to what suits them. Taking risks in fashion is good but not to the detriment of your own style. 


5. How important do you think accessories are to the look of your designs? 


Tanya Kolser: Using accessories is an important final step in creating a certain image. For example, with just a black dress and a wide variety of accessories, if they are used wisely and you can look unique on every occasion in that same black dress! 


6. High fashion tends to be very expensive for the average person. What are your views on this? 


Tanya Kolser: Yes, I agree, high fashion is expensive. First of all, because it is very nice and secondly, because it's of high quality. But I believe the price should be a third component - if a garment is of sufficient quality and to your satisfaction, then the price is fully justified. 


7. Finally, what advice would you give to an aspiring designer planning to start his/her own label? 


Tanya Kolser: To young designers I would say do not be afraid to try everything that is from the soul, and 'stretch your hands' until you realize what you do best, what from your designs are the most popular, in which direction to move and do do do!


 Elliot Blake

 International Freelance Journalist